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lulu malls is a very good color prediction website, which has made it’s entry back in 2018.

It’s been in the market since a very long time, and still proves to be unbeatable. Despite all the competition in 2024, lulu malls is still fighting for it’s position. With lightning fast withdrawals and recharges and specific one game to play which is the color betting and the number betting.

Users can practice for days and days till the finally master the color betting skill and actually start earning real money real fast. It’s just a matter of how fast one can learn and understand the patterns in the prediction. Then, they can play themselves and earn a lot of money or they can start giving prediction to other people and earn money for their commission means they will be earning the money themeselves too and also they will earn extra commission from the money that their referrals will be betting at the same time.

There is no limit to how much one can earn from lulu malls, as they say sky is the limit well yes it’s true for lulu malls. You can earn lakhs of money on daily bases and become crorepati within a month itself.

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